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I can predict your future by Robert Kiyosaki

Do you want to know your biggest indicator of success? Let me introduce you to my crystal ball.
One of the most important lessons I teach at Rich Dad is the CASHFLOW Quadrant. The CASHFLOW Quadrant says there are four types of people in the world of business, money and stocks. The four different types of people are:
  • Employees
  • Self-Employed
  • Business Owners
  • Investors
Each type of individual makes money in a different way. Each type of person also gets taxed in a different way. And each type of person has a different mindset and uses different words.
If I know what Quadrant you are in, I can pretty accurately predict your future.
If I know what Quadrant your mindset is in, I can 100% predict your future.
You see, the Quadrant shows me who you are at your core—your values, strengths, weaknesses, and interests.
For example: an employee often says, “go to school, get good grades, get a safe secure job and invest in a 401(k).” This is the most common type of person. It is also a very highly taxed person as income tax is one of the higher taxes.
Even worse, this person has very little control of his/her own life. That is not how I define success.
I predict frustration, and unhappiness. This tends to infect close relationships and strain them.
self-employed individual often says, “if you need something done right, then do it yourself.” These people are often ruled by a clock as they charge hourly rates for their services. They can make a lot of money, but they have to work very hard and a lot of hours. They tend to think they are smarter than everyone else.
These people are not actual entrepreneurs. They fell into the biggest trap. They did not build a business…
They built themselves a job… And they are a slave to it.
Again... very bad indicator of success and a very good indicator of stress and poor health.
The Rich Dad message and philosophies are designed to help you leave the employee and self-employed quadrants and enter the big business and investor quadrants.
The big business owner quadrant is where systems are king. Don’t let the name “big business” scare you. They are big because they make a lot of money, not because they have a lot of employees.
Today, most big businesses have software and processes do almost all of the work, relying on automation and technology.
Business owners pay some of the lowest percentages in taxes and most importantly...
Business owners have the most free time and money. They control their own life. This is not just an indicator of success. This IS success.
Finally, Investors.
This is what you become as your business starts making money. You have to do something with that money and thus you become an investor.
People in the Investor quadrant make money with money. They don’t have to work because their money is working for them. The Investor quadrant is the playground of the rich.
So, which quadrant are you in? Which quadrant are you trying to enter. If you focus on the Big Business quadrant, you are heading down the fastest path I know to success.

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These 4 tips will optimize your pre-work morning routine

These 4 tips will optimize your pre-work morning routine

1. Routine is key

Try to keep your before-work schedule the same each day; by having a set time and duration for each morning activity - from getting out of bed to walking out the door - you will eliminate indecision and increase efficiency. Time is your most precious resource - don’t waste it thinking about what to do next each morning or scrambling for breakfast

2. Make your bed

Try to start this routine by making your bed. In a now-famous commencement speech by Navy SEAL Admiral William H. McRaven, he stressed the importance of making your bed each morning. Start your day by accomplishing something, and set the tone for the rest of it. You can watch this portion of the speech here.

3. Work out

Including a short workout (7-15 minutes) in your morning routine not only increases energy, but makes you more effective at work. Studies have shown that working out improves cognitive function and improves decision-making. Physical activity increases blood flow to your brain, resulting in a clear head afterword and making you more resilient to stress.

4. Avoid social media

How much time do you spend on Facebook and Instagram? We don’t know either. You can’t efficiently power through your morning routine if you’re distracted by pictures of an old friend’s night out or examining the comments on a shared article. Save social media perusing for a designated break later in the day and focus on what matters when you wake up. 

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Mori Lee Bridal 2014

حياكم الله ونورتونا 🌻(شاركونا بتجاربكم الطبيعيه👰🏻 ) للبشره💁🏻 DIY

صبايا عرايس بنات أمهات زوارنا الأعزاء لكم وحشه شحباركم وعلمومكم عساكم بخير بصحه وعافيه 

طبعا الموضوع توني احين فكرت  فيه انه نشارك ب افضل الماسكات الطبيعيه للبشره او للجسم بجميع انواعه يعني جافه دهنيه مختلطه حساسه عاديه 

هذا الموضوع للافاده الغير شفنا وايد مواضع عن ما هو افضل غسول ؟ ما هو افضل كريم ؟ ما هو افضل كريم عيون ؟ ما هو افضل كريم للحبوب؟ ما هو افضل كريم للحساسيه ؟ ما هو افضل منتج للبشره الدهنيه ....الخ ول حد الان نشوف وايد استفسارات واسئله متنوعه ولي يطري على بالكم موجود بس هل سألتو عمركم عن المكونات الطبيعيه المتوفره في بيت وللي نقدر نحصله في الثلاجه او في الادراج المطبخ وغيره ... 

حبيت ابسط لكم هذي المواضيع كلها ب موضوع واحد فقط وخلونا نتشارك سواءا بالكتابه او بالصوره وطريقة الاستخدام ... 

عن نفسي كنت اعاني مشكله في الوجه سنين والحمد الله تعافيت منه وهو حب الشباب و خلل في الهرمونات .. وهذا السبب يطلع لي حبوب في البشره ومكان اللي يطري على بالكم موجود  لاكن سبحان الله تذكرت ماسكي الطبيعي و organic وللي هو شوفان oats ف بديت الحمد الله استخدمه وقفت كريمات الحبوب وقفت اغلب الكريمات اللي تسبب لي حرقه في البشره ول اني باذن الله يروقني بالذريه لازم أي مكون فيه ساسليك اسيد ما استخدمه عشان الجنين ربي يروقني ويرزق كل محروم ويرزقك كل عروس بالذريه الصالحه خلوني اشاركم ب تجربتي ب افضل أنواع ماسكات اللي احبها 

كل يومين اسوي لي ماسك الشوفان 
1م ك روب 
1 م ك شوفان oats 
1 م ص عسل ومرات استخدم الدبس ( اللي هو التمر ) 

ولله الحمد وايد فادني ب الاثار و الحبوب خفت بدرجه 50% مع هذا يطلع لي لاكن اندر كنترول 

وبعد ما انسى احط وياه قطريتين من زيت الشاي الأخضر اللي ينباع في بادي شوب 

هدف الموضوع للمشاركه 
خبرونا بنات عن تجاربكم وشاركونا ب افضل الماسكات الطبيعيه  أتمنى يكون الموضوع نشيط وان شاء الله أيضا راح أشارك معاكم تجاربي ب افضل الماسكات سواءا للجسم للوجه واليد